32948: Traigh na Berie, Uig, Isle of Lewis – STONE ALIGNMENT (Undated)


Stone alignments


NB 10075 35715

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no. 38
A series of at least five parallel rows of stones are visible projecting through the machair surface at the eastern edge of the formerly cultivated area adjacent to Loch na Cuilc. The rows are aligned in the same way as adjacent strips of cultivation. These latter, unmarked strips tend to be significantly wider and at a smomewhat lower abolute level, which is reflecte by a more waterlogged surface. The stones are small, edge-set, and angular, approximately 1m apart, projecting up to 0.2m above the surrounding surface. The rows are c. 1.8m apart and aligned east-north-east/west-south-west. There are only some 12m away from the cairn (no. 39, SMR no. 1466) at their closest point. The longest visible row runs for some 24m. No immediate explanation is apparent for these features.
Armit 1992, 58


Ian Armit. 1992. CFA, University of Edinburgh Archaeological Field Survey of the Bhaltos (Valtos) Peninsula, Lewis.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.

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Historical or Archaeological Site
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Stone Alignment
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