Blackhouse settlement


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A structure marked as occupied on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, and as an occupied byt smaller structure on the 2nd edition, is visible in a field north of Loch na Berie. The visible structure is a simple rectilinear stone building which accords with the shape and size of the structure surveyed on the 2nd edition map in 1895. the structure lies amid a series of amorphous stony mounds which probably represent earlier buildings, presumably including the larger complex recorded on the 1st edition map. The area contains evidence for strip cultivation and numerous relict stony banks.
The structure is visible as an embanked depression. The wide banks have no visible walling, but enough loose stone is located in the interior and around the site, to suggest that the walls were at least stone-faced. The external dimensions of the structure are 13m north-south by 8m with internal dimensions of 8m by 2.5m. The average wall wwidth is c. 3m with a maximum height of c. 0.6m externally and 1m internally. The ends of the structure are markedly rounded although this may have been accentuated by the collapse of the walls. The most likely entrance is in the north wall, although there is a further possible gap in the north end of the east wall. There are no signs of any internal partitions, although weed growth is largely confined to the northern half of the interior, possibly suggesting differential deposition.
There is some rabbit burrowing within the walls which has caused localised damage. In one of the rabbit scrapes a rim fragment of a blue and white glazed china plate was recovered. This appears to be of late nineteenth century or later date.
Armit 1992, 66


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Black House
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