27934: Battle of Auldearn

The Battle of Auldearn took place on 9 May 1645 near the village of Auldearn in Nairnshire. It was one of the engagements of the Scottish Civil War between the Royalists (mostly Royalist Irish mercenaries and Highland Clansmen), under the Marquis of Montrose, and the Scots Covenanters, led by Major-General Baillie. Although it was a victorious battle for the Royalists there were heavy casualties on both sides with an estimated loss of 1,500 for the Covenanters.

In Lewis, George, the second Earl of Seaforth, was a supporter of Charles I and, according to tradition, of the three hundred islanders who fought at Auldearn only three survived.

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Historical Event
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9 May 1645
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