38311: Jacobite Rebellion

The Jacobite cause was devoted to the restoration of the Stuart kings in Scotland and (after 1707) England, in response to the deposition of James II/VII in 1688.

The Battles of Killiecrankie (1689), Sheriffmuir (1715), and Glenshiel (1719), amongst others, engaged the Clans in support of James Stuart the Old Pretender, son of James II/VII, but they were defeated by Hanoverian forces under the Duke of Argyll.

The second Jacobite Rebellion in 1745, following the landing of Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, on Eriskay in 1745, was initially successful, with the Jacobites defeating the Hanoverian army at Prestonpans and then Falkirk Muir. Ultimately, however the 45 culminated in the crushing defeat of the Jacobites at Culloden on 16th April 1746. Charles Edward Stuart escaped as a fugitive, initially to the Hebrides, and eventually to exile on the Continent. 

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