85532: Knockiandue School Group, 1930s

Knockiandue School Group, 1930s

Knockiandue School, Keose,1920s.

Back row, left to right: Colin Macleod, 25 Laxay; Donald Maciver, 3 Laxay; John Macdonald, 19 Laxay; Donald Macleod, 16a Laxay; Donald F Ferguson, 30 Laxay; George Macmillan, 4 Keose Glebe.
Second row, left to right: Evelyn Campbell, Doctor’s Residence, Keose; Joan Mackay, 2 Keose Glebe; Joan Macleod, 16a Laxay; Johan Maciver, 3 Laxay; Maggie Macdonald, 19 Laxay; Jessie Smith, 6 Keose; Effie Maciver, 9 Laxay; Dolina Macrae, 12 Keose; Annie Mackenzie, 1 Keose Glebe; Katie M Maciver, 13a Laxay.
Third row, left to right: Christina Macaulay, 14 Keose; Chirsty B Morrison, 4 Laxay/7 Keose Glebe; Angusina Maciver, 3 Laxay; Nellie Mackay, 2 Keose Glebe; Katie M Macmillan, 4 Keose Glebe; Effie Ferguson, 30 Laxay; Margaret Mackenzie, 4 Keose; Chirsty Bell Mackay, 8 Laxay; Cathie M Macdonald, 18 Laxay.
Front row, left to right: Unknown; Duncan Mackenzie, 6 Laxay; Kenneth Maciver, 9a Laxay; Malcolm Macleod, 9b Laxay; Iain D Macleod, 25 Laxay; Murdo Mackenzie, 4 Keose; Iain (Boyd) Macdonald, 18 Laxay and Donald R Macrae, 12 Keose.

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