89233: Cromore School, 1932

Cromore School, 1932

Back Row l-r: Mary Mackenzie, Crossbost, Teacher; Donald J Macleod, 26 Cromore; Roddy J Mackinnon, Torostay; Alex M and Alex J Smith, Caros, Cromore; George Macarthur, 24 Cromore; Angus Macleod, 14 Cromore; William Mackinnon, 7 Cromore; Murdo Smith, 15 Cromore; Angus Macleod, 11 Cromore; Mr Maclennan, Headmaster

Second Row l-r: Margaret Smith, Caros; Mary Macleod, 28 Cromore; Catherine Macdonald, Torostay; Rhoda Macaulay, 1 Cromore; Joan Mackinnon, Caros; Christine Mackinnon, Torostay; Peggy A Macarthur, 10 Cromore; Mina and Margaret Macleod, 21 Cromore; Marion Mackinnon, Torostay; Mary Bell Smith, 15 Cromore; Bella Macleod, 11 Cromore

Third Row l-r: Angusina Macleod, 11 Cromore; Roddy A Macleod, 28 Cromore; Angus Smith, Caros; Donald Kennedy, 1 Cromore; Murdo Macdonald, 23 Cromore; Kenneth Mackinnon, Torostay; John A Macleod, 14 Cromore; Kenny J Macleod, Cliff Cottage, Cromore; Alex D Smith, 15 Cromore

Front Row l-r: Betty Smith, Caros; Peggy Macdonald, Torostay; Mary Macarthur, 20 Cromore; Katie B Nicolson, 7 Cromore; Rhoda Morrison, 25 Cromore; Bella M Macleod, 14 Cromore; Kate Macarthur, 10 Cromore; Marion Smith, 10 Cromore; John Macleod, 11 Cromore

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