89244: Kershader School, Coronation 1937

Kershader School, Coronation 1937

Kershader School Group at the Coronation ceremony in Stornoway 1937. Jimmy Tod (James Macdonald, Habost) sponsored the trip. BACK ROW J A Macleod, 11 Habost; A J Macleod, 2 Habost; D Macleod, 10 Garyvard; C Macleod, 3 Garyvard; D J Macrae, 8 Habost; J D Macaulay, 8 Kershader; C M Macleod, 4 Kershader; C I Macleod, 4 Kershader. SECOND ROW Donald Matheson, Gravir, Head Teacher; Mrs C Macrae, Teacher; P Macleod, 12 Habost; J MacKay, 3 Kershader; J MacDonald, 6 Kershader; I Macleod, 11 Habost; A MacKay, 3 Kershader; C B Macleod, 5 Garyvard; Mrs Matheson, Schoolhouse; Jimmy Tod, Habost. THIRD ROW D J MacKay, 3 Kershader; D Macleod, 1 Garyvard; C J Macrae, 14 Habost; D I MacKay, 11 Kershader; B Macrae, 8 Habost; M Matheson, Schoolhouse; J Macleod, 1 Garyvard; B M MacDonald, 11 Habost; J M MacDonald, Habost; D Macleod, 2 Kershader; R Macrae, 8 Habost. FRONT ROW D G Macrae, 8 Habost; C Macleod, 2 Kershader; M Macrae, 6 Habost; M A Macleod, 5 Garyvard; M M Macleod, 4 Kershader, A Matheson, Schoolhouse; C B Macleod, 4 Kershader, D Macleod, 12 Habost; M MacAulay, 8 Kershader; D A Macleod, 4 Kershader.

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