15007: Kirvick, Carloway

The name Kirvick is probably from Old Norse “kirkja”, meaning church, and “vik”, meaning creek or bay. This may refer to the old St Michael’s chapel which was situated on a hillock above the shore at the lower end of the valley which runs through from Doune to the loch at Carloway.

Today, there is little evidence of any building having been there, but the area surrounding its location is the site of an old walled burial ground which was the main cemetery for Carloway and some surrounding areas until Dalmore was opened in 1906. The last burial in Kirvick was in 1938.

Oral tradition has it that the cemetery was consecrated many generations ago by a young priest who put his walking stick in the ground, took up a little earth on the end of the stick, took it in his hand and said, “Undoubtedly this is St Michael’s dust and this spot will henceforth be your burial ground.” The other burial ground for Carloway pre Dalmore was the cemetery surrounding St Donnan’s chapel in Little Bernera.

Present day Kirvick has fourteen crofts.

The following families lived on Kirvick crofts:

Mackay – 1


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