1978: Enaclete, Lewis

Enaclete is a village on the western shores of Little Loch Roag, comprising nine crofts. An abundance of small stone piers and landing stages on the shore indicate the importance of fishing and boat transport to and from the village.

A sub post office operated at 6 Enaclete.

The village was never a large farm and was not cleared – many came in from other cleared districts about 1850.

The crofts were occupied principally as follows:

1: Maclean, then Macdonald from Bosta

2: Macdonald from Bosta, then Macleod

3: Calum Smith, then William Matheson; then Macleod

4: Macritchie from Bernera, then Gillies

5: Maclean, Matheson, Macdonald, Macleod

6: Maclean, Macdonald

7: Macdonald, Smith

8: Macleod, Smith

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