105519: Sgeir na Cloiche, Sound of Harris

‘Skerry of the Stone’ is located in the Sound of Harris, between Rangas and the Grey Skerry. It has a protruding stone, which once caused Berneray fisherman John MacLeod to end up high and dry, as observed by his neighbour Donald (Dan) MacLeod. 

‘One morning Dan MacLeod … was sailing to the island of Stromay for peats with a crewman, Norman MacKillop… There was a strong breeze from the east and suddenly old Dan told his crewman to be alert with his main sheet as John MacLeod  … was practically keel up under sail in the vicinity of Sgeir na Cloiche. Dan, of course, was being facetious, as was his nature, because he had immediately realised that John was high and dry on this protruding stone on the skerry. They went to John’s aid but no help was required as the tide was flowing and the boat floated off.

This example shows what can happen even to the wisest as John MacLeod was one of the best fishermen in the island with immense local knowledge.’

Note: there is another skerry with the same name, lying further north, close to the Cabbage Group.

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Natural Landscape Feature
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