8717: Glen Valtos, Uig

Glen Valtos is a dramatic gorge in the moor, stretching for a mile east to west between Miavaig and Timsgarry, separating the two ends of Uig. A road now runs the length of it but previously the main route was higher up on the northern lip of the gorge, where an overgrown track remains.

Much evidence of quarrying scars the walls of the Glen; there are also traces of zigzag and oblique paths up the steep walls . There are several stock enclosures, including a natural poind near the northern end. Travelling folk camped in the Glen, including the famous James Drummond who left his mark, and local men would gather at the camp for nights of ceilidhing.

The Minister’s Mill is located at the top of the northern wall. The Glen was used for open air services, particularly at the Disruption when the ministers (including Alexander Macleod in Uig) left the Established Church to form the Free Church, and initially had no church building to preach in. The ‘pulpit’ in Glen Valtos remains as a pile of stones.


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