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Pairc Historical Society Comunn Eachdraidh na Pàirc is the local historical society responsible for the Pairc  area in South Lochs, southwest Lewis. The society collects information about the villages of Lemreway, Gravir, Marvig, Cromore, Garyvard, Caversta, Kershader, Habost, Orinsay, Calbost and Steimreway.

The society was formally constituted on 5 December 1990 following a notice published locally encouraging more areas to set up a local history society. The founding chairman was Calum Macritchie from Gravir, now resident in Inverness. The present chairman is Donnie Morrison from Habost.

Within the first year the society published its very first publication, the Roll of Honour detailing the many men and women from the district who served in the Second World War. In December 1991 the first edition of Tional, the society’s quarterly newsletter was published and has continued every year since then with only a few gaps.

In 1991 two other important projects were started, Aig an Obair and The Heritage Trail. Aig an Obair subsequently captured many interesting stories regarding life and work in the Pairc area with a whole series of articles in subsequent issues of Tional. The written stories were transcripts of recordings made in people’s homes and many of these recordings have survived to this day.

The Heritage Trail turned the spotlight on a particular village for a period of 12 months and then featured as a theme village in Tional, the first one of which was Steimreway in 1991.

A second book publication followed with The Hero of Buzancy, an account of the remarkable life of the Rev. Angus Macmillan. His diaries and sword are on display in the Museum. Today the Comunn Eachdraidh continues the publishing tradition with the Village History series now including all villages in Pairc and many other complementary booklets. A full list of Comunn Eachdraidh na Pàirc publications and their prices is available upon application to the society.

The  Museum is no longer based at the old Gravir School but is based at Ravenspoint Centre in Kershader. It includes a hugely interesting range of artefacts from the Pairc area and is open to visitors during shop opening hours.

The society enjoys a significant membership and grants new membership to all local school children when they leave the Pairc School in the hope that they retain their links to the area and the society wherever they settle in the world.

The society is active in many projects including the The Angus Macleod Archive based at Ravenspoint in Kershader. This joint project with The Islands Book Trust is based on the valuable collection of written and recorded works left by Angus Macleod MBE who was himself Honorary President of Comunn Eachdraidh na Pàirc. Meetings are held on a monthly basis in Ravenspoint.

For contact details, see the Comunn Eachdraidh na Pàirc page on our website.

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