27462: King’s Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB)

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers regiment was raised in 1689 to defend Edinburgh from the threat of Jacobite rebellion. They remained as the KOSB until 2006 when they became part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

In the 17th century they fought in Ireland and the Low Countries against the French. Until the outbreak of WW1 they were posted to Gibraltar, the West Indies, Flanders, and South Africa. During WW1 they were engaged in some of the major battles i.e. Ypres and the Somme. Between the wars they served in various places abroad including India when WW2 broke out. By the war’s end the 7th Battalion had fought at Arnhem where the 740 strong force was reduced to 4 officers and 72 men. Other battalions were in action in Burma.

Post-war they fought in Korea and Malaysia. From 1970 they were stationed in Northern Ireland and also in Belize, Cyprus and the Gulf.

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