105814: Finlay Iain Maciver

Finlay Iain (1952-2013) was a son of John Maciver and Christina Bell Maclean, 5 Ardroil. After leaving Valtos School, Finlay did a three year navigation course in the Lews Castle College before joining Bank Line as an apprentice officer, rising to the rank of Second Officer. He left foreign going ships and for a time worked for Caledonian Macbrayne on the inter island ferries. He later joined the Ministry of Defence at Faslane, where he was a captain on the tugs until he retired for health reasons.

 He had a son and daughter from his first of three marriages.

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Also Known As:
Fionnlaidh Scoddie
Date Of Birth:
26 Jun 1952
Date of Death:
12 Dec 2013
Sea Captain
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