108893: Godfrey MacDonald

Godfrey (d 1401), or Godfraidh, was the son of John MacDonald, Lord of the Isles and his first wife Amy MacRuairi.

Godfrey and his two brothers were originally disinherited on his father’s second marriage, a situation that Godfrey strongly opposed. Godfrey’s brother Ranald accepted the situation and in 1371 was rewarded with the return of his mother’s lands, including Garmoran and Uist. However it is suggested by at least one source, The Clan Donald, that Godfrey was at least awarded North Uist.

In 1386 both Godfrey’s father then his brother died, following which Godfrey took possession of Garmoran and Clanranald’s island territories. His base was the fortress of Castle Tioram from which ‘he exercised the powers of a feudal baron’. He issued a charter as Lord of Uist on 7 July 1389, confirming the grant to Inchaffray Abbey of Teampall na Trianaid in Carinish and ‘the 4 merklands of Illera between Husabost and Kenearach’.

Godfrey’s descendants were known as the Siol Gorrie.

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