108894: Ranald MacDonald

Ranald (died 1386) was the son of John MacDonald, Lord of the Isles and his first wife Amy MacRuairi, sister of the Lord of Garmoran. Ranald was disinherited following his parents’ divorce in 1350, but later successfully petitioned for the return of his mother’s lands, which she had inherited from her brother. These, including Garmoran and Uist, were returned to Ranald in 1371, as a vassal to the Lord of the Isles. This may have been as a reward for accepting that the Lordship of the Isles would pass to the sons of his father John’s second marriage, a position that was opposed by Ranald’s brother Godfrey.

Ranald was the progenitor of the MacDonalds of Clan Ranald. He died at Castle Tioram in 1386. His brother Godfrey became Lord of Uist, also taking possesson of Garmoran.

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