109058: Donald Gorm Mor MacDonald

Donald Gorm Mòr MacDonald (died about 1617) was 7th Chief of Clan MacDonald of Sleat. He was the son of Donald Gormeson MacDonald, the 6th Chief.

Donald married Margaret MacLeod, sister of Roderick Mòr, Chief of Clan MacLeod. However, he soon rejected his wife due to her inability to bear him a child. Margaret is said to have lost an eye about this time. In 1600 Donald sent her back to her childhood home of Dunvegan Castle. Her brother Roderick Mòr was furious and demanded that Donald take her back. This he refused, instead divorcing Margaret and taking a new wife. It was this insult that led to a feud between the two clans. 

Around this time Donald’s nephew Hugh, Uisdean MacGhilleasbuig Chlèirich, was plotting to take the chiefdom. Hugh planned to have Donald assassinated at a feast but mistakenly sent the assassin’s instructions to his uncle and his uncle’s invitation to the assassin. With the plot discovered, the Chief sent his henchman Donald MacDonald, Dòmhnall mac Iain mhic Sheumais, to capture Hugh, who was imprisoned in Duntulm Castle, suffering a thirsty death.

Donald Gorm Mòr died in December 1616 and, with no children of his own, was succeeded as clan chief by his nephew, Hugh’s older brother Donald Gorm Òg MacDonald.

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