111623: John Maciver

John (c1720- c1790) was a son of Alexander Maciver, of Old North Tolsta Tack.

John married Annabella Mackenzie, of Lochend, Lochbroom. The couple settled in Old North Tolsta Tack, and had six children: four boys and two girls.

John became a shipmaster and worked in Stornoway.

By 1776 the tenancy of both of the Tolsta Tacks had passed to Donald’s brother John; it is not clear if this was due to Donald’s death or for other reasons.

In 1776 John is recorded in the Forfeited Estate Papers as “John MacEiver Junior, Shipmaster in Stornoway”, the tenant of both Old North Tolsta Tack and Old South Tolsta Tack. It is not clear if the tenancy had passed from John’s brother Donald to John due to Donald’s death or for other reasons. The situation regarding John was the same in the 1787 Papers.

By 1791 the tenant of Tolsta Tacks is recorded as “John MacIver Junr’s widow”; an exact date of John’s death is not known.

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John Maciver Junior; John MacEiver
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Shipmaster, Tacksman
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