115276: Angus Macdonald

Angus Macdonald married Christina Macdonald, but it is not clear where the couple initially settled or where the first of their four children was born.

Sometime between 1814 and 1820 the family settled at 4 Brollum. Angus and Christina’s second and third children were definitely born there.

In 1826, when Brollum was cleared, the family moved to 12 Tong. The couple’s fourth child was born that same year and Christina died shortly after.

In 1832 Angus married Margaret Macleod, of Old Gearraidh Ghuirm; the couple had four children.

In the early 1840s Angus, Margaret and their children left Tong and probably emigrated. The children from Angus’s marriage to Christina remained in Aird Tong with relatives.

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