119128: Donald Ferguson Macdonald

Donald (1950-2019) was a son of Louis Macdonald and Flora Morrison, 11 Reef. He lived with his parents and siblings in a cottage on Scaliscro Estate. They later moved to 11 Reef until their house was built at 4 Reef. He attended Lochcroistean and Valtos Schools. Donald worked for years in Baghdad where he met his wife. They had two children.

At the height of the Saddam Hussein era, they were forced to flee for their lives with only the clothes they were wearing and were fortunate to escape unhurt. They spent some time in the safety of Reef before being re-housed in Bragar where they lived for years. After Donald developed a progressive illness, they moved to a specially adapted home in Bayble, Point.

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Date Of Birth:
15 Aug 1950
Date of Death:
30 May 2019
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