120219: Donald Martin Macdonald Maciver

Donald (1940-2020) was a son of John Maciver and Marion Macleod, 8 Crowlista. He attended Crowlista and Valtos Schools before continuing to Lews Castle College, where he took up a woodwork course. After completion of his course he went to John Brown’s Shipyard, Clydebank, thereafter travelling the world as a ship’s carpenter. He pinpointed all his ports of call on a map.

Donald had many tales to tell, some very harrowing as were his trips to Calcutta and the poverty amongst the children. He spent his time off visiting his family at Crowlista and helping with the croft work. In 1980, his father and brother in law died and a few years later Donald returned home to run the croft and be with his sister. He eventually helped with her care when her health failed.

Donald took up genealogy as a hobby and had a wealth of knowledge, helping people to trace their family trees. There is a copy of some of his work in Uig Museum. He also had the gift of bardachd.


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Also Known As:
Domhnall Udais
Date Of Birth:
30 Apr 1940
Date of Death:
7 Oct 2020
Ship’s Carpenter
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