120264: Donald Macleod Maclean

Donald Macleod Maclean (1920-1944) was a son of Archibald Kenneth Maclean and Katherine Mary Macleod, Ladysmith, Natal. He was born at Tarbat Manse in the home of his maternal grandparents.

He served in the Second World War as a War Substansive Corporal in the First City Cape Town Highlanders. Donald was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in action.

His service records state: During the action on Monte Stanco on October 13, 1944 a platoon was called upon to launch a direct assault up a steep hillside to capture an enemy strongpoint that was holding up the advance. No sooner had they started that they ran into anti personnel mines and intensive Spandau fire at point blank range. The situation was critical as the platoon began to waver. Exhorting his men, Corporal Maclean rallied the section and led the assault to personally destroy the first post with a burst of Tommy Gun fire. The other section followed, completely overran the enemy and wiped them out completely restoring the situation. His great bravery undoubtably saved the situation and by his total disregard of danger inspired his platoon in a magnificent assault at the crucial moment.  

He died from wounds sustained in the battle on November 19, 1944.


Record Type:
Date Of Birth:
2 Feb 1920
Date of Death:
19 Nov 1944
Army Corporal
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