121484: Donald Roderick Macdonald

Donald Roderick (1956-2022) was a son of Louis Macdonald and Flora Morrison, 11 Reef. He was born at Scaliscro in a cottage on the estate and later moved with his family to 11 Reef until their house was built at 4 Reef. Donald Roderick attended Lochcroistean and Valtos Schools and went on to the Lews Castle College to learn his trade as a bricklayer. He carried out his trade on the mainland before moving back to Lewis.

Donald Roderick lived on the croft at 4 Reef with his mother, who lived to the age of 95 and it was due to Donald Roderick that she was able to be in her own home. Apart from bricklaying, he was a keen crofter and tended his sheep with his loyal dogs until ill health overtook him. He spent the last part of his life at 2 Leana Ruadh, Timsgarry. He passed away at the Western Isles Hospital, where he had been taken a few days previously. He is survived by two sons, three brothers and a sister.


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Also Known As:
Roddy; Ruairidh Louis
Date Of Birth:
10 May 1956
Date of Death:
29 Jan 2022
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