1728: Rachel Macinnes

Raonaid Mhurchaidh

Rachel (1796-1876) was a daughter of Murdo Macinnes  and Flora Maclennan, Luachair, Harris. The family were moved to Brollum in Southern Pairc and then to 13 Old Orinsay.

In Harris, in 1822, Rachel married Donald Macinnes, 5 Brollum. They were living at Luachair at the time of their marriage and by 1824 had moved to 7 Brollum where one of their eight children was born.  The family home was destroyed by a large boulder that rolled down the hill. The Stewarts of the Sheep Farm at Pairc would not let Donald rebuild the house and directed them to Gravir.

The family became cottars at 12 Old Gravir the croft of Rachel's brother, John. In the 1852 lotting the family obtained 36 Gravir.

Rachel was widowed in 1856.

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