17589: Donald Macaulay

Donald Macaulay (1877-1955?), 10 Keose, Lochs. Donald went to the Falklands where he worked as a rancher. He was the first Lewisman to go to the farm of San Gregorio in Chile which at its height, had over 100,000 head of sheep. A section of the farm is still called Macaulay’s Camp.

Several years later, he left Chile and moved to Manitoba, Canada and was working for the Dominion Express Company in Yorktown, Manitoba in 1912. He later worked on the railway and travelled all over Canada and for a time he worked as a prison guard. His wife came from Callanish and they had three daughters and two sons.

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Date Of Birth:
21 Jun 1877
Date of Death:
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CECL 697
Prison Officer; Sheep Farmer
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