23350: Margaret Macleod

Margaret (1828-1856) was a daughter of Malcolm Macleod and Ann Buchanan from 6 Breaclete. Margaret married Angus Macdonald from 2 Breaclete.

Her date of birth is uncertain; her age at her death in 1856 is given as 26, which indicates a year of birth of 1830, but the marriage register states that she was born in Kirkibost in 1828.

Margaret was the subject of the song Amhran Chaluim Sgaire. Margaret had been compelled by her parents to marry Angus Macdonald whilst her fiancé, Malcolm Macaulay, was away at sea. Malcolm penned the song about the incident; he later emigrated to Quebec.

Margaret died six days after giving birth to her only child, a baby boy who had died a day before she did. It is claimed that she foresaw this tragedy, as recounted in the story of her wedding day white gloves.

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Mairead Chaluim Neill
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Date of Death:
28 Feb 1856
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CEBL 1858
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