23540: Norman Macmillan

Norman Macmillan (1801-1886) was a son of Norman Macmillan and Christina Macleod. It is not clear where the family were living at the time of his birth.  By 1814 the family were settled at 12 Old Eishken.

In Lochs, in 1825, he married Helen Montgomery, Balallan. Norman and Helen settled at 8 Old Eishken where they had three of their seven children.  Old Eishken was cleared in 1835  and the family moved to Cleitir and later 32 Balallan where he continued to live.

Norman was widowed in 1849 and at Leurbost, in 1853, he remarried Margaret Smith, 42 Balallan. Norman and Margaret had three children.

He was widowed again in 1858.

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1 Jul 1886
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CECL 1405
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