2366: Donald Macleod

Donald got the nickname "Domhnall na h-Ordaig" because he broke his thumb in a fight. He was a Gillie at Kinloch and was known to be a heavy drinker getting into many scrapes. Once whilst on Caltrashal, Morsgail he got very drunk and didn’t return home that night, fearing the worst ,a man who had gone to search for him and finding him alive penned the words;

"Chaidh mi mach ga fhireachdan

An duil gun do dh’fhalbh an spiorad as

Ach is ann a bha thu beo a Dhomhnaill bhochd"

Another poem written about him by Kenneth Maclean "Coinneach Phadruig" from Ungeshader regarding the fight in which he broke his thumb goes as follows;

"Domhnall na h-ordaig is gille gle sgiobalta e

Ged a tha e a nise tri-fichead ‘sa coig

Mar a be am blar a bha aige ann an Gleann ‘Iobadal

Sheasadh e fhathast ann an ranca duine og"

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Domhnall na h-Ordaig
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CEBL 864
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