2490: Donald Matheson

Dòmhnall Mhurchaidh

Donald Matheson (1760-1845) Dòmhnal Bhan was a son of Murdo Matheson. He came from Uig like most of the early settlers in the villages of Park, moved from place to place before settling eventually at Gravir. 

Donald joined the Seaforth Highlanders and served in India. He was married to Ann Macleod, Garyvard.  Donald and Ann settled at 23 Old Gravir and they had six children.  

Local Tradition suggests Donald had two more children and later  married a Margaret Maclennan.


Donald (Domhnall Ban), born in 1760. As a young lad, he joined the 78th (Seaforth) Highlanders in 1778, and saw service in India. On returning home after 14 years in the army he settled in Gravir, parish of Lochs where he is on record in 1808, 1824 and 1841. He married Ann, daughter of Torquil Macleod, Garyvard

Genealogy of the Mathesons (Willie Matheson)

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Dòmhnal Bhan
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CEP 137
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