26657: Murdo Macdonald

Murdo (1873-1951) was a son of Angus Macdonald and Christina Macdonald from Tobson (then 10 Breaclete). Murdo moved to Glasgow where he trained to be a baker and whilst there met and married Mary Ann Maclean from Breanish; their first child may have been born there. They returned to Lewis, settling at 10 Breaclete where Murdo ran a bakery business for a time selling loaves and biscuits. They had a further ten children, all born in Breaclete. His youngest son, Murdo, was killed in August 1944 and 73 year old Murdo went to Buckingham Palace to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross awarded to his son. He told the Daily Record;

“The only thing that induced me to leave my croft was the memory of my son who died when attacking German V-weapon supply sites in August 1944. The King has bidden me to come and I came, but I hope I won’t have to come again. There are far too many crowds in London and I am not used to crowds.”

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Murchadh Knox
Date Of Birth:
23 Jul 1873
Date of Death:
31 Mar 1951
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CEBL 2044
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Murdo Macdonald snr, 10 Breaclete

Murdo Macdonald snr, 10 Breaclete