27782: Ann Maciver

Ann (born 1825) was a daughter of John Maciver and Flora Macdonald, 3 Crowlista. Most of her siblings emigrated, but she married Angus Macdonald of 1 Enaclete and settled there.

In addition to five sons who survived, she had another four who died at a young age: a boy born around 1850, who died before 1855; a boy born on 14 June 1857, who died 7 July 1857; a son called Angus, who was born on 18 May 1864 and is thought to have died in infancy; and finally another son of the same name who was born on 14 July 1866 and is also thought to have died in infancy.


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Date Of Birth:
4 May 1825
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CEU 265
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