27807: Dugald Macaulay

Dugald, according to tradition, was the only legitimate son of John Roy Macaulay from Uig. He was the father of the famous Domhnall Cam Macaulay but he also had other sons. In the first decade of the seventeenth century Rorie Macleod of Harris entered into an obligation whereby he became bound "under penalty of certain sums of money to see that the sons of Dugald Macaulay and their children, descendants, tenants and followers remove themselves and their servants from the lands of Uig." The names were given in alphabetical order as follows; "Alastair McCowell, Donald MaCowell, Donald Og McCowell, James Moir McCowell, James Og McCowell, all brethern vick mcCowell". It is thought the names James were scribal errors and is a mistake for some form of Angus, as there were no known James’ among the Macaulays.

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CEBL 2176
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