29263: Elizabeth Hymers

Ealasaid Iain

Elizabeth  (born 1856) was a daughter of John Hymers and Mary Turnbull, Farr Sutherland.  The family moved to  Shepherd's House, Eishken which was named Eishken Lodge in the 1871 Census. In the 1870s the family moved to Latheron.

At Latheron, in 1876, she married Robert Notman from Farr, Sutherland. Robert became Gamekeeper at Eishken Estate where the couple had four of their twelve children.  Around 1884 the family moved to Currie, near Edinburgh. Four years later they moved to Kinlochspelvie in Mull and in 1901 moved to Llanbryde, near Elgin.

The family emigrated to the United States of America in 1908 and settled at North Dakota. Elizabeth was a widow living with her daughter Violet and her husband in Montana in the 1940 Census.


Record Type:
Date Of Birth:
27 Feb 1856
Date of Death:
1 May 1949
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CECL 5019
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