35732: John Campbell

John (1826-1902) was a son of John Campbell and Mary Macdonald of 6 Buanish.

Buanish was cleared and the family were moved to 14 Tong the year of his birth.

In 1845 his father obtained 1 Tong, whilst retaining 14 Tong.

At Stornoway, in 1849, he married Annabella Nicolson, 5 Kershader and the couple settled in Back.

John was widowed when Annabella died after giving birth to their daughter Annabella.

Sometime after 1850 his father exchanged 14 Tong, for 3 Tong and 4 Tong, but settled at 1 Tong. In 1851 John and his widowed sister and children were living at 3 Tong.

In 1852 John married Mary Macdonald, 9 Lower Sandwick, Stornoway, but it is not clear where the couple initially settled or where their first child was born.

The family obtained 14 Back in 1855 after the previous occupant Donald Macleod, emigrated to Quebec. John and Mary had a further four children  at 14 Back.

After John’s death 14 Back was divided between his daughters Mary and Ann.


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CEP 2932
Crofter, Fisherman
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