35998: Anne Macleod

Anne Macleod lived on Pabbay with her husband Donald Mackenzie and their sons and four daughters. The four daughters comprised: Ann (born 1790; married John Macdonald, Gisla), Margaret (born 1789, married Zachariah Macaulay), Janet (married Donald Ross of Enaclete in Uig, emigrated with him to Cape Breton) and Annabella (married Murdo Macleod).

When her husband was killed in the Battle of Maida, Anne and her four daughters had to leave Pabbay as there was no man to crew the boat, essential if one were to survive on Pabbay island. An uncle of Anne’s, Murdo Macleod ‘Murchadh mac Iain mhic Thorcuil’, was the tacksman of Gisla at the time so they moved there, able to pay rent with her widow’s pension.

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