39488: John Smith

John, son of John Smith and Ann Maciver, 16 Balallan was one of 23 pupils enrolled at Balallan School when it opened in 1879. John went on to become a schoolteacher and taught in Bernera, Harris; Cromore and Knockiandue Schools before becoming Headmaster at Kershader in 1895. He moved to Breasclete in 1903 and then to Doune, Carloway in 1920. He retired to 16 Balallan in 1926. He married Catherine Mackay, Valtos, Lochs in 1895.

Whilst he was still a young lad, John was sent to Valtos to ask Roderick Ross to pay a visit to Rev John Macdonald who was at that time residing at 65 Balallan. John came back with the doctor to Balallan and then was sent to Stornoway to pick up some medicine. On his return to Balallan, it was suspected that the incorrect medicine was given so he went back to Valtos to chek with the doctor. The doctor confirmed that it was the wrong medicine and asked John if he would go back to Stornoway again to collect the proper medicine. John went to his home to inform his family that he was off to Stornoway for a second time and duly returned with the correct medicine.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
Iain Iain Ruaidh
Date Of Birth:
2 Jan 1862
Date of Death:
18 Feb 1933
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CECL 1960
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