50130: Euffemia Maclean

Euffemia (1917-2010) born on Estancia San Gregorio, Magallanes, Chile, was a daughter of Finlay Maclean  and Janet Macdonald, 1 Brenish. The unusual spelling of Euffemia is from her birth record, registered at Punta Arenas. Effie travelled with her family to Brenish Uig in 1924 from their home on Estancia Peckett Harbour, Magallanes, Chile.

From a young age Euffemia stayed at the schoolhouse with Miss Isa Matheson, then teacher at Islivig school as she would not stay on her own. When Euffemia left to commence her nurse training her sister Peggy Ann stayed there and then Agnes MacDonald, 1 Islivig.

After training in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, Effie qualified as a Queen’s District Nursing Sister in 1940.

Effie married Malcolm Maclean, 26 Valtos in 1948 in Edinburgh and had a son and daughter. She lived in Edinburgh until her death in 2010.


Record Type:
Also Known As:
Effie; Etta Phoint
Date Of Birth:
20 Aug 1917
Date of Death:
26 Aug 2010
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEU 2170
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