5671: James George Macpherson

James George Macpherson (1862-1934), Keose House, Keose Glebe

James was the som of Alexander Macpherson, the ‘Druggist’ who had come to Stornoway from Rhu Dhearg in the middle of the 1800s and set up as a chemist. His shop stood on Cromwell Street (where Boots the Chemists are today). He followed his father into the business.

He was a witness for the prosecution in the trial of the Park Deer Raiders in 1888 and a brother in law of Dr D Murray, the first MP for the Western Isles.

He was a keen inventor and had a number of patents granted, including one for an improvement to garden, field and road rollers in 1911 and a means of preventing the transmitting of infection by the use of a tongue depressor in 1912.

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Date Of Birth:
26 Oct 1862
Date of Death:
9 Oct 1934
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CECL 3086
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