5906: Alexanderina Macdonald

Alexanderina (1860-1934) was the daughter of John Macdonald and Catherine Finlayson, 1 Keose.

She married Angus Smith (Aonghas Alasdair), Post Office, Keose. They were both residing at 8 Corn Street, Glasgow at the time of their marriage and they returned to Keose in 1884.

Obituary to Alexanderina Macdonald, Stornoway Gazette, 1934

The death took place at the Post Office, Keose, Lochs on 21st march of Mrs Angus Smith, Seaview. Only a few months ago Mr and Mrs Smith celebrated their Golden Wedding and no one then thought that death was so near, since despite her age, Mrs Smith was so active in her calling. Mrs Smith was an outstanding personality and in all her dealings, she was most upright. She feared none and no one dared say or do anything unbecoming in her presence. She was certainly a power for good in the locality. Although not in an ostentatious way, she was deeply religious and she abhorred cant or anything that savoured of hypocrisy in a person. A remarkable feature of her person was her iron will. This was clearly evident in the way she resolved to educate her family. Practical in her ways, she brought her will to bear on all her undertakings. Only those who were intimately acquainted with her knew her distinctive characteristics. One of her ministers referring to her, said to the writer “She was a splendid woman”; while a medical friend who knew her well paid glowing tribute to her memory. The chief mourners at her funeral were her husband, five of her daughters and three of her sons and relatives from far and near. Several beautiful wreaths were laid on the oak coffin and a large number of motor conveyances followed the cortege to the burying place at Laxay. The Rev Murdo Macsween, Kinloch, conducted divine service at the house and at the grave. Much sympathy is extended to the bereaved aged husband and to the whole family in their loss.

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Addie an Ruairidh
Date Of Birth:
30 Jan 1860
Date of Death:
20 Mar 1934
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