59501: Flora Nicolson

Flora (born 1833) was a  daughter of Neil Nicolson and Ann Macinnes, 6 Old Steimreway.

Old Steimreway was cleared in 1857 and the family were moved to 21 Lemreway.

In Lochs, in 1859, Flora married Malcolm Macleod of 35 Gravir. Flora and Malcolm settled at 20 Lemreway where they had six of their eight children.

The family emigrated to Lingwick, Quebec in 1873. 

After Malcolm’s death, Flora remarried in 1883, to Angus Macleod of Winslow, Quebec. Angus was originally from 7 Old South Galson, and had been married to Annie Murray with whom he had had eight children. Flora and Angus did not have any children.

In 1911 Flora was living with her daughter Marion.

Flora was buried in Echo Vale cemetery in Marsboro, Quebec, with her husband Angus. Flora may be the Flora Nicholson mentioned in the transcriptions of gravestones in Echo Vale cemetery; this gives birth and death dates as 1838 and 1911 respectively.


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1 Jun 1833
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CEP 907
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