64947: Alexander Maciver

Alexander (born 1826) at Timsgarry was a son of Norman Maciver and Margaret Macdonald, 12 Kneep. He assumed joint tenancy of the croft with his brother Donald and settled there.

He was married twice; his first wife was Flora Maclean, 26 Valtos and they had four children. A source (feedback to this site) claims that Alexander and Flora, in addition to the children listed above, had an unnamed female, who died in infancy, born 27 March 1865 died 3 April 1865 and twins Kenneth and Norman born 29 June 1866.

After Flora’s death Alexander married Catherine Maclennan, 38  Cliff and they had another five children.

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Date Of Birth:
5 Jan 1826
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CEU 2854
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