71346: John Norman Macleod

John Norman (1835-1913) was a son of Norman Macleod and Ann Campbell, who emigrated from South Dell to Quebec. He was married to Catherine Maciver, an emigrant from 3 Crowlista to Quebec and they had eight children:

1 John (born c1856) – married to Christina (born c1860)
2 Angus (born c1858) – called ‘Cook’; married twice; his first wife was Isabella Campbell (born c1873), daughter of Donald Campbell from Winslow. His second wife was Katie Smith (born c1875) (cousin of first wife) daughter of  Donald Smith (son of John Smith (Saighdear) and Ann Mackay, Valtos to Winslow) and Marion Campbell (daughter of Donald Campbell and Isabel Macleod, Enaclete to Winslow)
3 Allan (1860-1929) – married Christina Macdonald (1860-1930), daughter of Angus John Macdonald (son of John, son of Norman Laghach, Gisla) and Ann Mackenzie….
4 Murdo (born 1862) – married Jane Sherman. They had a family.
5 Malcolm (born 1865).
6 Neil (born 1869).
7 Flora (1870-1944) – married Murdo D Graham (1878-1952) son of Donald A Graham (son of Angus Graham and Margaret Maclean, North Galson  to Dell to Hampden) and Christina Morrison (daughter of John S Morrison and Effie Smith, Swainbost to Dell)
8 Annie (born 1876) – married to ‘Unknown’ Wilson.

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