71970: Angus MacAskill

Angus (1927-2005, was the eldest child of Archibald MacAskill and Mary Ann Munro of 11/12 Ruisgarry (Quay). He was a pupil at Berneray School from 1932.

His wife was from Balmartin. On his father’s death Angus was passed 11/12 Ruisgarry, and later he was also passed 7 Ruisgarry. 11 Ruisgarry was subsequently passed from Angus to his nephew. Angus and his wife continued to live at 12 Ruisgarry.

Angus owned three boats, the Thistle, Golden Dawn and Berneray Isle. He provided his memories of life on Berneray for the Croft history : Isle of Berneray, volume 2, which was published in 2005.

Angus is remembered as the owner of Quay Stores, as Peter Clarke, writing in the Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust newsletter, describes:

‘One of the great men of Berneray and supporter of the hostel, Angus MacAskill (78), died in September 2005. The elder of two brothers and one of six children, he was a man of great integrity and industry. After his father died, he had to start work as a fisherman at an early age to support the family.

He and his wife Mary, who survives him, are known to many hostellers as they kept the shop at Quay, a short distance from the hostel. Though the shop kept ‘normal’ hours, it was possible to get willingly-given service after arriving on the late ferry. However, the shop remained firmly shut on Sundays.

Angus was a dedicated church-goer. I remember once attending the 6.00 pm Gaelic service where Angus and Mary were, of course, present. Afterwards I was invited for supper at their home …

Angus always followed the progress of the hostels. When he asked to visit Garenin, I arranged for him to accompany me to that hostel where we spent the night. Most impressed by the facilities and conviviality, he declared that this was his first night at a youth hostel. On a visit to Berneray, during the 1980s, he pulled my leg about my interest in politics and tongue-in-cheek declared his admiration for Mrs Thatcher. He went on, “And I tell you someone else I admire, that Colonel Gaddafi.” Immediately two RAF Tornado jets screamed over the hill so low we could see the pilots. “There you are,” I said as the noise of their jet engines receded, “they heard you!”- at which we both curled up laughing.

That was Angus, a wonderful, caring, and good hearted man. I thank God for him. May he rest in peace.’

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Date Of Birth:
29 Aug 1927
Date of Death:
8 Sep 2005
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CEBH 954
Fisherman; Shopkeeper
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