74651: Allan MacLeod

Allan, born in 1878, was the second son of that name born to Alexander MacLeod and Marion Morrison of 15 Ruisgarry (Trealigarry). Allan worked as a yachtsman and married Christina Munro in 1915. They made their home at Trealigarry, which was passed to him following his father’s death.

Allan and Christina had six children together, moving to 5 Hoebeg, North Uist in 1924.

His grandson Norman recalls:

My grandfather was a fisherman/kelper and renowned strongman. I have heard tales of his personal feats from Scandinavia to South Africa, areas he visited while in the merchant navy. He was a barrel of a man, standing only 5’10”. He had over a 60″ chest. Apparently my grandmother at 6’1″ was even stronger. There is a story of my grandfather and 3 of the 4 boys trying to drag up the wide kelping boat onto shore in November to avoid the winter gales. They pulled it as far as they could and then stumbled. It was not pulled on shore near enough. My grandmother in the background laughed and said “Out of the way.” She then grabbed the front of the boat and pulled it the rest of the way by herself.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
Ailean Alasdair Ailein Bhàin
Date Of Birth:
19 May 1878
Date of Death:
9 Oct 1960
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBH 649
Fisherman; Seaman; Seaweed harvester; Yachtsman
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