74877: John MacLean

John, more usually Seonaidh or Jocky, born in 1877, was the son of John MacLean and his second wife Ann MacAskill of 18 Ruisgarry (Brùsda). The croft was passed to Seonaidh following his father’s death in 1890, and he worked the land alongside his mother Ann, who passed away in 1922.

Seonaidh Bhrùsda was a crofter and fisherman, and married Rachel MacLeod from 5 Borve in 1924. The marriage was without children, Seonaidh tragically drowning in Broadbay, along with two other men, in March 1929.

Sgeir Jocky, off the island of Tahay, is named after him.

The song Pìob Sheonaidh Bhrùsta, available on the Tobar an Dualchais website, was written as if by Seonaidh, praising a pipe given to him for ferrying a man across the Sound of Harris.


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Also Known As:
Jocky; Seonaidh Bhrùsda
Date Of Birth:
5 Feb 1877
Date of Death:
2 Mar 1929
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBH 422
Fisherman; Crofter
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