74919: Christina MacAskill

Christina was born in 1866, the daughter of John MacAskill and Marion MacAskill of 11/12 Ruisgarry (Quay).

Following the birth of her twin sisters, Christina lived instead with the household of her grandmother and later her uncle, merchant Donald MacAskill who lived at ‘house 12’ Quay. Christina worked as a domestic servant, weaveress and wool spinner, becoming a merchant in her uncle’s stead following his death in 1899. Her sister Marion lived with her until Christina married Roderick Robertson in December 1901. Together they were to have two daughters. Christina was still running her business from ‘house 12’ Quay in 1911.


Record Type:
Date Of Birth:
2 Sep 1866
Date of Death:
13 Aug 1939
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBH 103
Merchant; Weaver; Domestic Servant; Wool Spinner
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