75276: Isabella MacAskill

Isabella, known as Bella, born in 1876, was the daughter of fisherman Norman MacAskill and Marion MacMillan of Borve, although whether her early childhood home was at Pol an Oir or Ferry is unclear. However, by the end of the 1880s the family were living in a newly built home at Ferry and her father was ferrying the mails.

Bella worked as a domestic servant and her eldest child Marion was born in 1899. The family moved to 23 Borve, which was allotted to Isabella’s father in 1900. She continued working as a domestic servant until her marriage to fisherman and merchant Malcolm Shaw in 1907. They lived at his home in Backhill, where their twin sons were born in June 1909. Bella died less than three weeks later.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
Bella MacAskill
Date Of Birth:
8 Apr 1876
Date of Death:
5 Jul 1909
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBH 997
Domestic Servant
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