75281: Margaret MacAskill

Margaret, known as Maggie, was born in 1890, the daughter of John MacAskill and Marion MacMillan of Quay, Berneray. Her father and elder brother Alexander tragically drowned in 1899, when Maggie was only 9, and the family subsequently moved to Rubha Mor.

Maggie became a domestic servant, marrying seaman Roderick MacKinnon from 11 Cluer in 1908. Together they had a daughter, Margaret.

Following his death she married widower Malcolm Shaw of Backhill on 28th September 1915. Their daughter, Kate, was born in 1918. Malcolm died of supposed influenza just 15 months later. Maggie and Kate continued to live at Backhill until 1928, when they moved to Inverness.

Maggie’s third husband was James Rae.


Record Type:
Date Of Birth:
5 May 1890
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBH 998
Domestic Servant
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