76433: Christina Margaret MacLeod

Christina Margaret, born in 1895, was the daughter of Malcom MacLeod and Mary Munro, cottars on 21/22 Ruisgarry (Ben Leva). She became known as Christy Margaret. Her father was well respected in the community, having been elected by the people of Berneray to give evidence on their behalf at the Napier Commission some years before Christy’s birth. In 1900, the islanders achieved their wish, and her father was one of those granted a croft in Borve – croft 9, to which the family moved. Christy was a pupil at Berneray School between 1902 and 1909.

She married John Finlayson and they made their home in Glasgow, in an area known as Plantation.


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Also Known As:
Christy Margaret MacLeod
Date Of Birth:
15 Apr 1895
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CEBH 607
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