76803: Catherine MacCusbic

Catherine, born in 1842, was the eldest child of John MacCusbic and Ann MacLeod of old Borve. In 1854 the family were cleared from their land in order to make way for Borve Farm. They went to live near to Catherine’s maternal grandmother at 2 Urgha, Harris. Catherine was a domestic servant in a nearby household. Following her father’s death in 1865, she and her sisters Rebecca and Christina lodged with their great aunt Catherine MacLeod at Baile.

Catherine continued earning a living as a weaveress following her move to Quay with Rebecca. They were joined by sister Mary. Rebecca married in 1886, but Mary continued to live with Catherine, and the two sisters were joined at times by their nephews, John, Duncan and Duncan Bàn.

Following Catherine’s death in 1920, the house at Quay passed to Peter Morrison.


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Date of Death:
17 Jan 1920
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CEBH 1365
Weaver; Domestic Servant
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